Healthy reasons to add salad to your every day meal.

Have you had your plate of mixed greens today? Eating plate of salad pretty much every day might be a standout amongst the most good dieting habit you can adopt.With the hot summer climate arriving rapidly, a cool fresh plate of salad can be a refreshing light meal.


They’re easy to make at home in 5 minutes and you can customise them to include more fruits and vegetables that appeal to you the most. Everyone enjoy eating salads and they have multiple benefits.

1. Source of natural fiber

Raw and leafy vegetables in your salad is a grate source of natural fiber. By including a salad in your meals you can lower your cholesterol level and control blood sugar. Fiber in your food helps you to maintain a healthy weight and they are good for normalising your bowl movement.

2.  Salads for weight control

Eating salads before meals makes you feel fuller faster so you will consume less calories. This dieting plan works fast and and you can see the results soon.

3.  Get healthy fats

Adding a healthy fat to your salad via the dressing, or by adding healthy raw nuts and raw or roasted seeds or avocado will also make it more filling and boost the daily intake of fat.

4. Build strong bones

Most of the women lacks vitamin k which causes low bone mineral density. In-order to increase bone minerals include more greens in your salads like
watercress and spinach.

5. Reduce heart risks

Nutrients in leafy greens help with everything from lowering signs of heart-harming inflammation to preventing plaque buildup in the arteries and guarding against the oxidative damage that contributes to heart disease.

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