Pooja Items Buying guide, Indian Shopping!

Pooja is a Hindu ritual for worshipping to one or more deities or to honour a guest or even to spiritually celebrate an event. The pure and loving offering of light, flowers, water or even food to the deity is the usual Pooja ritual of Hinduism. It’s such a divine ritual that the offerings we do should also be so pure and divine. In Singapore follow this Indian ritual with the pooja items bought from Pushcart.

Poo/Fresh Flowers, Garlands, Pooja oils, Incense sticks and camphor, other pooja needs are now arrayed under Pushcart. You may not need to wander across Singapore in search of the Pooja items you need to make your rituals divine. Now all of the things you need for Pooja is decluttered below one roof- Pushcart.

The Indian people are much involved in their ritual practices. In Singapore, Pushcart is responsible for making you available with the necessary items for your Pooja Needs.

In the fresh flowers section, you can purchase fresh jasmine flowers in ball type or loose ones, Marigold flowers, Indian basil leaves, different colours of roses, purple orchid flowers, lotus flowers, neem leaves etc. When it comes to the garland section you can see different types of garlands made with Vaadamamli, Jasmine, Arugampul, yellow with red roses, samanthi flowers in small, standard and big sizes.

Lights are one of the essential things that are needed in Pooja rituals. To lit them up, Pushcart is offering Pooja oils too. The smell of incense sticks and camphor itself gives the feeling of being in a temple or a divine place. Pushcart offers you a wide range of agarbattis, incense sticks and camphor to spread the divine smell in your prayers.

Pushcart is having products for other pooja needs such as Banana leaves, Cow Urine, Sambrani, Kumkum, Indian basil leaves, Neem leaves etc.

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