What are some solid and fast morning meals?

In the event that we have microwave or else have little acceptance, we need to cook these following receipies effectively and fastly

  • Milk and instant oats(quaker or sunflower) – 3– 4 mins
  • Semolina Sewai (Jawe) – 5– 10 mins (cook like Maggie in microwave)
  • Pasta – 10 mins
  • Boiled Egg – 10 mins (module the egg evaporator when you go for shower)
  • Grilled sandwich – 5 mins (in the event that you have cleaved the veggies on earlier night)
  • Fried (egg burji) – 3 min in microwave (without oil)
  • Milk and corn chips – 2 mins
  • Cold Coffee – 1 mins
  • Omelet with dark colored bread – 6 mins (you can cook omelet in sandwich creator also)
  • Masala oats (quaker or sunflower) – 6 mins (need to include Maggi masala, water and veggies )
  • Bubbled Egg Salad with Veggie – 12 mins – 10 mins of bubbling egg
  • Egg half broil with dark colored bread-4 mins (additionally can cook in Sandwich creator)

All the above breakfast formulas are absolutely Healthy and Tasty without single drop of oil aside from the Sandwiches and Omelet .

We have to prepare all these morning meal formulas then again. It additionally satisfies the state of day by day overwhelming breakfast

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