Why Organic food is better for you ?and How to choose?

Organic food items have become more popular now a days. The expression “organic” refers to the manner in which agricultural products are grown and processed. Organic livestock raised for meat, eggs, and dairy items must approach the outside and be given natural feed. They may not be given anti-toxins, development hormones.

organic food
Organic farmers food market place. Fresh products – vegetables on sale at the local market, close-up, top view

Benefits of organic food

1.Organic food items contain less Pesticides-

Most of the farms use large amount of fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals.Their residue remains on our food even after washing several times.

2. Organic farming is good for soil

The heavy chemicals that kills the pest and fungus also kills the good bacteria’s and causes soil pollution.

3. Organic food items are fresh and nutrient rich

Organic food gets more good nutrients from soil, the synthetic fertilisers used in the crops makes it look good and fresher but they are nutrient deficient.

4. GMO free food

Organic food ensure you pesticide free food and also makes sure your food is not genetically modified.

5. Antibiotic free meat and dairy products

Grass-fed meat and organic dairy products doesn’t carry any antibiotics or harmful chemicals and they are good for our health.

When searching organic food, read labels. packed food items regularly ensureorganic seal. Vegetables and fruits normally contain stickers indicating they are organic and contain code to help distinguish them. Food products can only be labelled as “organic” in Singapore if they have passed the inspection and attained the certification. So always check for the certification mark to ensure the are organic. Happy shopping…

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